The human mind is an incredible work of art. Incredibly intelligent and not to mention, incredibly imperfect. You see, I have the entirety of American Pie by Don McLean memorized, but can never remember anything to do with my Spanish work. (I’ll cut myself some slack here because I remember what ‘to shave’ means. Hint: it’s afeitarse. You’re… Continue reading 6:47PM


Falling Into Assumptions

I am never left unimpressed by the truth of the everyone-knows-everyone small town stereotype. The familiarity to such a degree–of being next-door neighbors with your best friend’s grandmother who went to school with your grandfather for example–can be comforting. I can attest to this, as I look to the people I’ve known since elementary school… Continue reading Falling Into Assumptions


In Regards to This ‘Growing Up’ Thing

Consider this the sequel to Oh, Nostalgia, because I am about to exhibit the fact that being self-aware doesn’t guarantee a person to change instantly. Ah, darn. As the school year quickly approaches I’ve been getting the usual question that many people are familiar with. What grade are you going into? Within the first moments of those… Continue reading In Regards to This ‘Growing Up’ Thing


Just Your Run of the Mill Existential Crisis

One of my intentions with this blog is honesty. To give anyone the impression of your so-called perfection is bound for failure, but I feel like it’s more vital when you claim to be a Christ-follower. Ecclesiastes 7:20, anyone? For there is not a just man upon earth that doeth good and sinneth not.  With that… Continue reading Just Your Run of the Mill Existential Crisis